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How To Tell When You Are Losing Yourself In A Relationship

Being with people we love for a long period often results to both getting some of each other’s characteristics. It could even go to the extent that we will have similar likes and dislikes. An example of this is when one now likes watching a certain type of show which he or she did not care to watch before. Since your partner loves them and you love your partner, you both watch them and you find that they are actually entertaining. On the other hand, the people we love also tend to do the same.

However, even if you were together for a long time, you still need to keep your own identity. Failure to do this will later make you forget who you are. If it seems you are not yourself anymore, check out this page.

Check out these signs to learn more if you are losing yourself in your relationship.

What is there is only “we” and no “me.” Always talking about “we” or your plans together and not talking about “me” or “I” means you forgot about your own achievements and plans.

There were things you cannot tolerate before the relationship that you are tolerating now. Even if we sometimes do not admit it, we do have morals. Was your moral compass stronger before you entered into this relationship? Are you now being led into a wrong practice? Were you a healthy living advocate but now you are putting up with his unhealthy practices?

Seriously, there might be abuse but you should not just accept it. You must report it if your partner abuses you.

Your concerns have become the least important. Does the place where you live together have more of his things than yours? No one should prevent you from holding on to something you hold dearly. They might say this is nothing serious. But it is indeed a sign of something. If you cannot agree on what things to keep in terms of material possessions, you might not agree later on other issues.

You immediately agree. A lot of partners who cannot agree on some matters later find out one of them won over the other. Do you feel you have to agree with your partner most of the time? For all you know you are losing yourself already.

You suddenly feel you need time for yourself. There are times we all need to be alone. Do you feel you do not have time for yourself anymore? If it seems that you have to be around your partner almost the whole day, then you can be losing yourself. If your partner does not give you some space, he might be jealous or possessive. You should not be forced to attend all parties your partner goes to if you don’t feel well.

If this article opened your eyes and you think you are losing yourself, discuss it with your partner or tell someone who can help. View more websites to learn more about this issue.